Solar Power.

In our world, the future is bright. It is also quite smart and flexible. From large-scale solar parks to aggregated solar facilities; we provide a complete ‘farm-to-fork’ solution for your optimized solar production site, making it a valuable resource on the markets for ancillary services.

Grid stability + renewable power = true.

Historically, the purpose of solar power has been to produce as much as possible. Large value lies in the ability to pause production during eventual frequency deviations, which helps to achieve a stable grid with variable power, while opening up additional revenue streams.

Added value without any compromises.

A solar PV facility can sell energy and available power during the same hour, when connected to our Power Refinery Platform. The total average production stop is about 1 hour per year, while the monetary benefits amounts to around 2000 – 8000 EUR per year and per installed MW.

We believe in brilliant algorithms.

We use statistical models combined with ML and AI to provide the most robust and valuable way of trading with flexibility. Our automated price and power prediction models are always ready for fast transitions on the markets, getting your assets as ready for the future as you are.

A good start on something great.

We believe that the goal of being able to rely solely on renewable power lies close ahead, but to get there, we need all actors aboard. We work with solar retailers, asset owners and solar asset managers, to improve their business models and contribute to a fossil-free electricity grid.

Connect with us.

To succeed with the energy transition, we need all smart and renewable solutions aboard. Reach out and learn more about how we can work together towards a flexible future.

Partner up with us.

Some of the flexibility pioneers in solar energy that we are proud to have partnered up with today are; European Energy, Solkompaniet, HSB, EnergiEngagemang, ETC Sol AB, Sunroof, and Solgrid.