Energy Storage.

Flower is the leading optimizer with small and large scale energy storage units in the Nordics. We offer a broad range of services for you to invest in BESS.

  • Preliminary studies

  • Financial modelling

  • Procurement and dimensioning

  • Technical integration

  • Prequalification

  • Optimization of charging and discharging

  • Wholesale market trading

  • Ancillary service trading

  • Risk management

We turn projects into battery investments.

Flexibility services provide an additional source of revenue, which often makes battery investments feasible. By occasionally charging and discharging the battery, maximum flexibility without compromising on the battery’s main purpose is achieved.

The core of Flower: Optimize your revenue

Flower has a broad offering towards energy storage system (ESS), but where we are truly unique is when it comes to optimizing the revenue from your ESS' flexibility. Storage is the swiss army knife of flexibility and it's all about understanding how to optimize value creation at every given moment. Flower optimizes your ESS between wholesale markets (day-ahead, intraday, passive balancing), ancillary services (FFR, FCR, FRR) and costs (tariffs, cycles). Flower's team of engineers and physicists are dedicated to constant innovation in flexibility optimization and provides you with a solution on the frontier of trading.

Driving the establishment of grid-scale BESS.

Flower has a pipeline of grid-scale BESS the will be commissioned in the coming 16 months. Flower is a trusted partner of both large energy companies and industrial customers. We are currently expanding our power refinery - contact us!

Start here:

Book a flexibility appointment. Tell us about your battery, what is its main purpose? We will set up a digital meeting to assess your battery’s potential. The next steps are Flower’s and you can trust us to do them well. We have the experience and technical readiness to make plans into investments, and potential into shared value.

Connect with us.

To succeed with the energy transition, we need all smart and renewable solutions aboard. Reach out and learn more about how we can work together towards a flexible future.

Learn more about BESS.

Are you interested in developing or investing in BESS? Flower is your partner from beginning to end.