Update: Krafthem changes its name to Flower

Our Technology

Flower’s technology is a combination of advanced algorithms and a modern cloud architecture.

Flower operates a power refinery. A hardware-agnostic platform that enables and captures the inherent value of flexibility to speed up the energy transition.

A Power Refinery that operates Watts with Bits.

Power refining is the process of making raw electricity adaptable, usable and available when it’s needed. With advanced software and algorithms, Flower’s technology performs power predictions, bidding optimization and stand-by active power control every hour, every day.

Big data is the key to a renewable power system.

Our Power Refinery Platform is connected to over 4 000 facilities. Connected facilities vary in size from less than 10 kW to more than 10 MW. We work with power data on a second-by-second basis. This amounts to roughly 10 million data points per day – no big deal.

A complete solution for your flexibility asset

Flower is a partner from the initial investigation and onwards. We help you evaluate markets, do the technical integration, get approved to participate in markets, manage cyber security, optimize trading and activation of assets.

Cyber security has never been more important

Cyber security is a part of our DNA. As a trusted supplier of FCR to the Swedish TSO we have been vetted and approved to supply crucial functions to the Nordics power system. All development and hosting is conducted in Sweden today, for your reliability.

Connect with us.

To succeed with the energy transition, we need all smart and renewable solutions aboard. Reach out and learn more about how we can work together towards a flexible future.

Want to join our team?

We are always looking for the brightest people with a burning desire to solve complex and important problems. See our current positions or apply to our open application: Career.

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